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31 mars - 22 april

Henrik Haukeland

Vernissage 31 mars kl 13-16


Swedisms is a textile project dealing with Swedish cultural identity. Through iconic images such as the red cottage, IKEA and a piece of falukorv, the works carve out Swedisms as they are often exported to the rest of the world. Exaggerated, comical stereotypes, bordering on the vulgar, critique the dangers of the single story, the repeated image, and the lumping together of something into a oneness that denies complexity and variation.

Although the project was made by a Swedish artist, it aims to look at Sweden from an outward lens. The artist has, in recent years, lived abroad in Norway; the United States of America; and Australia, where the project was made.



Ann Uddin
6 jan - 28 jan

Ida Rödén
3 feb - 25 feb

Moutaz Albachar
3 mars - 25 mars

Henrik Haukeland
31 mars - 22 april

Maude Sundström
28 april - 20 maj

Mayumi Okabayashi
26 maj - 17 juni

Möjligheternas vecka
20 juli - 31 juni

1 juli - 8 juli

14 juli - 5 augusti

Barbro Hedström
11 augusti - 2 september

Staffan Laurin
8 september - 30 september

Jerker Andersson
6 oktober - 28 oktober

Hannah Streefkerk
3 november - 25 november

Xose Luis Otera Bercerra
1 december - 23 december


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