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2015 års Brucebostipendiater
14 augusti - 24 augusti

Niklas Edstam & Jeremy Herndl

Vernissage fredag den 14 augusti 16-19

2015 års Brucebostipendiater
Niklas Edstam och Jeremy Herndl visar upp sommarens arbete från sin tid som stipendiater på Själsö. I samarbete med Brucebostiftelsen och Gocart Gallery.

Vernissage 14 augusti kl:16-19
Utställningen pågår 14/8 - 24/8
Öppettider Gocart Gallery: Fre 12-18 Lör-sön 12-16

Niklas Edstam, bor i Stockholm, f.1987

Under min vistelse vid Själsö har jag arbetat med måleri i relation till ljuset och omgivningen. Mitt måleri är en försiktig applicering av färg på duk och där transparensen visar ytan och lager av tidigare idéer. Min arbetsprocess handlar om att applicera färg som senare förtunnas och blir till sköra partier i målningen, likt skimmer.

Jeremy Herndl, lives in Victoria, Brittish Columbia Canada, f.1972
Statement of Research and Practice.

In a phenomenological sense, when one touches something, one is simultaneously touched by it. This reciprocity applies also to the experience of sight because seeing is touching with the eye. When the ego is superseded in conversation and one can listen, one empathizes with the speaker. The same occurs with a receptive conversation with space when one is attentive to it. Things are not idle, they are in constant movement and flux and the attempt to define a thing is oppressive to it but we must somehow emulate it. As creatures we define things and mimic them, as nature does when reflected in a pond or puddle or a young person might emulate an elder. It is the way we learn and become, bridging the difference between self and other, the dualistic disease of Modernity.

Place has always been the focus of my practice and painting outdoors is a way of orienting myself in the world. What has emerged out of this has been a philosophical rapport with place and a continuum of research into phenomenology, Eastern philosophies and animism, all of which deal with the human relationship to the physical world we inhabit. My studio practice is directly accountable to the places where I work and incorporates plein air painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation. The material, conceptual and sensory experience that I collect from painting outside provides an ongoing rapport with places and has lead to a material practice that unpacks dualistic concepts of nature while finding agreement with more ancient ideas.

My practice is aimed at honouring things and places and to assert the singularity of person and place. I choose the historic medium of painting since painting is touch and seeing is touch, it is one way of becoming.



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